1) Poufs

Poufs are the new favorite seating in the trend today. At Arterio we have a collection of modern puffs and ottomans that are great for any space because they’re easy to arrange and rearrange, multi-use, and fit in small spaces as well as large. In homes, they’re great for family rooms as they can add seating easily for days when you have the whole family over. Now a days these puffs are in lounges, restaurants, meeting rooms, offices and hotels.

2) Benches

Benches are the most flexible pieces of furniture that one can use. They can also have storage so they are the perfect place to hide extra things, small pillows or other things that are not in use.

Benches are becoming a great seating option for other communal spaces like living rooms, dens, entryways, and offices nowadays. They are great for small spaces because they don’t appear to take up very much space.

3) Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas are the perfect solution for small spaces like apartments or a large family room. They’re also great for coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, and anywhere people want to be able to have a close conversation. Sectional Sofas are becoming popular and other sofas, loveseat, and armchair is becoming less common.

4) Accent Chairs

Accent chairs adds as a statement piece in a room. A lot of people are using an accent chair as a statement piece instead of a wall artwork or centerpiece in their room. An accent chair adds comfort and accessibility to a space.

Whether a brightly colored armchair, a high back lounge chair, or a custom designed piece, including an accent chair in your design can be an easy way to modernize a room without touching the entire thing.