If you’re looking to make your room cozy simply add a few accessories and change small furniture pieces to get that perfect feel.

These are some ideas for adding cozy touches to your space to make it more inviting, warm, and comfortable.

1) Texture

Adding textures is the best and easiest way to make your home cozier. When you add velvet, faux fur, cashmere, wool and leather, the space is softened and made to feel more inviting.

Wool armchairs and sofas are a great way to add texture to a living room. In kitchens and bathrooms, consider adding textured towels or placemats to give the space new textures.

2) Leather

While you’re adding texture to your space, consider leather as well! One leather item can warm up an entire space, like one ottoman or armchair, especially when paired with the right pillows and blankets. Soft leather is inviting, comfortable and easy to fall asleep in while reading a good book!

With a cool grey throw or faux fur pillow, a leather armchair works to immediately cozy up your space.

3) Accessories

There are a few easy accessories you can use to make your modern design more cozy without changing the furniture.

If you have flooring, adding an area rug or a faux fur rug under your table helps warm up a room. Instead of vases with fresh flowers, using sticks, ribbon, and dried flowers can be an easy way to add charm.

4) Lighting

Warm hues in a room can completely change it just as much as adding a piece of wool furniture can. Changing one or two in side lamps or reading lights can make all the difference. Lightbulbs with a bronze or copper hue, or lights with a dimmer switch, help make a room feel cozier and can change the aesthetic of your entire color scheme and design.