From furniture to the lighting, to the floor, and the decor, there are always ways to refresh the feel and look of your dining room. Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

1) Use the Space

If you don’t have a lot of space, using built-in seating and built-in shelves instead of chairs or units can be a great way to save space. Using mirrors instead of dark colours can also help to make your space seem larger.

If you don’t use the space often but sometimes host a lot of guests expanding dining tables can help save space.

2) Light Fixtures

The dining room largely depends on the height of the ceiling. If you have high ceilings, a chandelier is a perfect fixture for a dining room. There are beautiful modern chandeliers that can be used without seeming over the top.

If you have lower ceilings, mount lighting is also a good option. Pendant lights can help set a mood if you use a low watt lightbulb as well. You can also use wall sconces as supplementary lighting to help set a mood at night or bring more light.

3) Centrepieces

The centrepiece on a dining room table is meant to be the focal point of the space. The dining table centrepiece is like a floral arrangement. This can be upgraded with a modern touch by using a unique floral arrangement, a large vase or using a plant instead.

Using a wooden or metal dish is also a great example of a creative modern centrepiece. A large glass or metallic vase filled with fruit, stones, or vegetables can also add elegance and class to your space.

4) Walls

If you have a smaller space, using a large mirror can help to add more light and make the room seem larger. Having a gallery wall of multiple photos or a few large pictures of some memories is a great way to foster relationships over dinner. Having a wallpapered wall of graphic design as an accent in a dining room is a great modern feature.

5) Modern Furniture

Choose modern furniture for your dining room to give your guests the experience you’re looking for. Find dining chairs, occasional chairs, and dining tables that tie the aesthetic together.

We have a range of dining tables and chairs to suit a variety of designs and colour schemes. Whether you prefer an extendable dining table or a large dining table for hosting all those family events, you can find what you’re looking for.